Theft and other property crimes

Property crimes or financial crimes include all offences which benefit the person that commits the offence, hence the term property. Property crimes include, for example, simple theft, breaking and entering, handling stolen goods, fraud, embezzlement and money laundering. Are you suspected of a property crime? Berte Advocaten has years of experience in assisting suspects of property crimes and is happy to assist you!

Tip: If the police want to interrogate you, make sure you have spoken to an attorney first. Until then plead the Fifth. It is not up to you to prove your innocence but it is up to the Prosecutor's Office to prove your guilt. A charge only holds up in court if their is enough legal and convincing evidence. Legal refers to the minimum standard of proof, which means, among other things, that if there is only one statement of a civilian in the case file and no other evidence, the charge will not hold up in court as long as you remain silent. Suppose there are two witnesses who claim that you are the perpetrator, the legal minimum standard is reached, but if these statements differ a lot from each other, the judge probably is not convinced, which will result in an acquittal as well.