Criminal defense attorney for companies

It is not only you, as an individual, who can become a suspect of a criminal offense. A legal entity, such as a company, can also become a suspect of a criminal offence. For example, a legal entity may be suspected of tax fraud or forgery. However, a legal entity can also be suspected of, for example, arson or theft. If a legal entity is suspected of a criminal offence, this does not only have consequences for the legal entity. You as an entrepreneur or you as a manager of the legal entity can also be held criminally liable for the criminal offence that the legal person has committed. In order to limit the negative effects for you as well as for the legal entity, it is very important that you seek advice from the right people. Do not hesitate and contact one of our attorneys who can provide you with solid advice for your situation.

Tip: If the police want to interrogate you, make sure you have spoken to an attorney first. In order to hold a legal entity and its directors and/or managers criminally liable, different conditions have to be met compared to holding an individual liable under criminal law. For example, the perpetration of a legal entity and the guilt of the legal entity must be established. Your statement may be of great importance in establishing the perpetration and the guilt of the legal entity. To prevent you from making an adverse statement, it is important to consult a criminal defense attorney before making a statement.