mr. Lynn V. Romme.

From an early age on I have been very interested in criminal law. Therefore, it was no surprise that I wanted to study law after graduating from high school. During my law study I completed internships at the Prosecutor's Office as well as at law firms because I wanted to get familiar will all facets of the Dutch criminal law system.

An obvious step to take next ,after completing the bachelor's programme, was to obtain a master degree in law with a specialisation in criminal law. In order to be able to broaden and deepen my knowledge of criminal law, I started as a intern at Berte Advocaten in January 2018. From day one I was part of the team and I was involved in daily practice. At our office none of the working days is the same. Our office offers you a lot of freedom and responsibility at the same time. It's a great place to work.

At the beginning of May 2020, I completed my master's programme at Tilburg University and became a paralegal at Berte Advocaten. The attorneys at Berte Advocaten are all specialised in criminal law but every attorney also has his own field of expertise. During my first year at Berte Advocaten I experienced that I am passionate about criminal law but also about debt collection law and tenancy law . That is why I as a practicing attorney want to focus on these areas of law. 

The team, the working atmosphere and the mentality at Berte Advocaten suits me perfectly. I am extremely glad that I have been given the opportunity to work at Berte Advocaten as a attorney. In August 2020, I was sworn in as a attorney and with pleasure and enthusiasm I will provide my clients with legal advice over the coming years.

Lynn V. Romme.
Tel: 06-82661167