Thijs ten Caten

From childhood on I have had a keen interest for law. The reason for this was that my grandfather also studied law and often told me interesting stories about his days at college and his work. The fact that I started the bachelor's programme in law at the University of Tilburg after graduating from Highschool was for no-one a surprise.

Besides the bachelor's programme, I also followed the Top Class programme. The Top Class programme is a programme for motivated students who want to deepen their knowledge.

During my first years at the University of Tilburg I discovered that my heart lies with with criminal law and with constitutional and administrative law. That is why I chose to follow the master's degree in Law at the University of Tilburg. The master programme that I will follow will focus on criminal law and constitutional and administrative law.

In October 2019 I started working as an intern at Berte Advocaten. An an intern I assist the attorneys. My work load consist out of, inter alia, jurisprudence research and transcribing. I deepen my knowledge every day. At Berte Advocaten, I was immediately part of an incredibly and professional team. Berte Advocaten gives me the opportunity to gain experience and develop myself even further.

Thijs ten Caten
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