Contract law

Contract law includes all the regulations about contracts.

Contract law is characterised by the freedom of choice and the freedom to negotiate. It is based on the assumption that the parties can determine what they want themselves and enter into legal transactions on that basis.

A legal act/transaction that is not the result of the freedom of choice but of a threat, deceit, an error or misuse is voidable.

The principle of freedom to negotiate means that parties are, in principle, free to negotiate what they want. This freedom to negotiate is not absolute, but it is far-reaching. If the agreements between the parties are not in violation of the public order, the morality and the binding provisions, there will not be any problem in principle. Our attorneys will be happy to assist you when you enter into a contract or when you already concluded a contract. Feel free to contact Berte Advocaten to see what we can do for you. 


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