Liability law

Liability law can roughly be divided into two sub-categories, namely liability based on an existing oral or written contract and liability that is not based on an oral or written contract.

Dutch liability law is based on the principle that everyone must pay their own damages, but in some cases someone else can be hold accountable. Our liability law attorneys know the ins and outs of the Dutch liability law system and can figure out for you if someone else can be hold accountable for the damages. Together with you, our attorneys will examine whether the claim and the measures taken will hold up in court. Our attorneys will draw up a plan of action together with you and will try to keep the costs as low as possible for you.

Do you want to hold someone liable for his actions or have you been hold liable by soemone else for your actions, please register your case using the form on our website or contact us by telephone via 013 53 53 885 so one of our attorneys can discuss your case, your rights and your obligations with you.

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