Supervision order

When your minor comes into contact with the police, or if other institutions, such as the school, raise concerns, it may be that the Youth Bureau or the Child Care and Protection Board is called in. The Youth Bureau and/or the Child Care and Protection Board will conduct an investigation to determine whether your minor's development is at risk. If this is the case, a request can be filed to put your minor under supervision. Such a request for supervision will be dealt with during a court session. A supervision can be imposed by a judge. If the supervision order is granted, a family guardian will be appointed from a so-called certified institution and you as a parent must accept the help and support of this family guardian in raising your child.

When there is a chance that your minor will be put under supervision, it is important that you as parents or you as a minor are properly advised by an attorney. With the right arguments, the supervision order can still be prevented. So avoid unnecessary measures and register your case using the form on our site. One of our experienced attorneys will get in touch with you on short notice.