Why should you choose Berte Advocaten ?

The Tilburg attorneys at Berte Advocaten are specialised, committed and decisive attorneys. We are experts in meerdere rechtsgebieden. Onze kantoorstijl onderscheidt zich bovendien door laagdrempeligheid en direct persoonlijk contact. Wij houden van duidelijkheid zodat u snel weet waar u aan toe bent. Uw belangen als cliënt staan voor ons altijd voorop. Zowel binnen als buiten de rechtszaal.

If you would like to know what Berte Advocaten can do for you or your company, you can make an appointment without any obligations for free. You can also register your case via the form on our website or ask your question via the contact form. One of our attorneys will contact you within 24 hours on working days.

Of course, you do not just want a good attorney, you want the best attorney. That is why you need Berte Advocaten. Good, better, Berte Advocaten! We are there for you!

The owl

Berte Advocaten did not choose an owl as her symbol for nothing. The owl is a well-known symbol of wisdom. The owl is a bird of prey with well-developed senses. In the dark, owls can see three to four times better compared to human-beings. The owl is, moreover, well-known for his fantastic ear. As a result of the well-developed hearing, the owl can analyse certain sounds perfectly and notice things that we, as human-beings, are not aware of. The owl also has the ability to turn his neck 270 degrees, which allows the owl to inspect the entire surroundings.


Being able to listen carefully, oversee everything and analyse thoroughly are qualities that the attorneys at Berte Advocaten also possess. Moreover the attorneys at Berte Advocaten constantly keep their knowledge up to date and the attorneys will combine their strengths and wisdom for the best possible outcome in every case.

Berte Advocaten Tilburg

Berte Advocaten

Because you do not just want a good attorney, you do not want a better one, but you want the best one. Good, better, Berte Advocaten!