Rental of other items

People immediately think about renting a home or a business premises if they hear the word tenancy law. Tenancy law is much broader and includes all oral and written agreements that deal with renting an item. Tenancy law also includes hiring a car, a book or tools.

Also these renting agreements should comply with the applicable rules. If you, as a lessee or lessor, would like to know whether the rental agreement you have concluded is in accordance with the current regulations, or if you would like to have a tenancy agreement drawn up or checked by one of our attorneys, please contact Berte Advocaten via 013 53 53 885 to discuss the possibilities with one of our specialists.

Moreover our attorneys can assist you if you have a dispute with your lessor or lessee about the rental of an item. Berte Advocaten will be happy to assist you and examine with you the possibilities and provide you with a honest advice. Do not wait too long and register your case using the form on our website or contact one of our attorneys by telephone to discuss your case before the situation escalates.