Unjustified enrichment

The situation can occur that someone enriches himself or that you (accidentally) enriches yourself at the expenses of another person. This is called unjustified enrichment. The situation in which a buyer buys a stolen good from a thief and the original owner of the good cannot get the good that actually belongs to him back, because the buyer is protected by the Dutch law system is a clear example of unjustified enrichment. The original owner of the good is impoverished and the thief, the seller of the good, is enriched. The original owner of the good can claim damages on ground of the unjustified enrichment.

If a situation qualifies as unjustified enrichment the enriched person should compensate the impoverished person. The total amount of compensation depends on the total amount of damages and the value of the enrichment. The lowest amount is the starting point to determine the amount of money the enriched person should pay to the impoverished person.

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