Immigration law

Anyone who does not have the Dutch nationality is a foreign national. A foreign national who is not an asylum seeker or refugee on the grounds of asylum or refugee law is subject to immigration law.

Immigration law requires expert knowledge. Rules change quickly and a large part of immigration law is influenced by European rules (directives). You will find a lot of information on our site, but of course you can also contact us for free so one of our immigration law attorneys can answer your question. 

At Berte advocaten, two attorneys are specialized in immigration law. They meet the requirements set by the Council for Legal Aid and the Orde van Advocaten (the Dutch Bar Association) to provide legal assistance in this area of law.

Our attorneys will provide you with honest advice. If chances of success are small, our attorneys will, even though this is no good news, inform you honestly about the chances of success. We never give any guarantees as to the results to be achieved, but we do guarantee that we are fully committed and that we will do everything within our power to achieve the best result possible.