Custodial placement

If according to the authorities the supervision order is not sufficient at the end or is not an option at all, custodial placement can be requested by the authorities as well. If this request is granted, your minor - or you as a minor - will no longer live with the parent(s) but he or she will live in an institution or with a foster family. A request for custodial placement can be submitted by the Child Care and Protection Board, a certified institution or the Prosecutor's Office.

If it is about custodial placement in a secure care institution the request can also be submitted by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen if the parent(s) with parental authority agree(s). An custodial placement is only possible if:

  • It is necessary for the care and upbringing of the minor; 
  • The minor needs to be observed.

Custodial placement on short notice

If the custodial placement is a matter of urgency, the judge can authorise the custodial placement without hearing the interested parties first. The interested parties will be invited for a court hearing within two weeks.

Our family law specialists can assist you if you are dealing with a request for custodial placement and inform you about your rights, the rights of your minor and what you can do to prevent the custodial placement or at least to make sure that the custodial placement does not last longer than necessary. Together with you we will go for the best possible result. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Register your case via the form on this website or contact us by phone.