Employee Insurance Agency

The Employee Insurance Agency is responsible for a couple of benefits, including the unemployment benefit, the sickness benefit, the so-called WIA benefit, the so-called WAO benefit and the so-called Wajong benefit.

Did the Employee Insurance Agency reject your application? Has your benefit been (temporarily) suspended by the Employee Insurance Agency? Or has the Employee Insurance Agency reclaimed part of the benefit you received? You can lodge an objection. The period within which an objection must be lodged depends on the type of decision the Employee Insurance Agency took. Our attorneys can help you draw up an objection letter. Unfortunately, social security law is a maze for many citizens. Fortunately, our attorneys know their way around this maze and are happy to assist you. Our lawyers therefore have the required legal knowledge to draw up an objection letter for you and with you. 

If you have already lodged an objection yourself or if the objection letter that we have lodged on your behalf or another lawyer has lodged on your behalf does not have the desired result, the decision of the the Employee Insurance Agency can still be challenged in front of the court. If you also disagree with the court's decision, you can still lodge an appeal. Our attorneys can assist you in the appeal procedures.

If you wish to object a decision of the Employee Insurance Agency or file an appeal, please contact us directly via 013 53 53 885 to find out what the possibilities are for you and to make sure the document is filed on time. You can also register your case for free using the form on our website and if you do we will reach out to you.

How do I prevent being temporarily without a benefit?

In order to prevent you from being temporarily unable to pay your fixed costs, our attorneys can submit on your behalf a request for a temporary injunction at the same time as the objection or appeal is lodged. The court in question will examine whether your objection or appeal has a significant chance of success. The court will decide whether or not you are allowed to receive the benefit long as the court has not reached a final decision.

Receiving a benefit as an interim measure carries the risk that you will have to repay the amounts received in advance. This risk is in most cases very small but it is important to keep this in mind if you consider submitting such a request.

Our social security attorneys can draw up and submit such a request for you. Please do not hesitate to contact Berte Advocaten to see if filing a request can be a solution in your situation and to discuss the risks involved.

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