Tenancy law

Tenacy law is one of the fields of law in which the attorneys at Berte Advocaten are specialised. Thus, are you looking as an individual or as a company for a tenacy law attorney, Berte Advocaten is the right law firm for you.

Every agreement which deals with the situation that a lessor gives a certain item to a lessee for which a lessee does something in return falls under the scope of tenancy law. For example, the agreement can be about a house, a living accommodation or a business premises. The rental of a bicycle, a car, a book, tools, et cetera also fall within the scope of tenancy law.

The Dutch law system does not have detailed rules about how parties should conclude an agreement. This means that a valid agreement about renting an item can be a written agreement but also an oral one.

In order to speak of a rental agreement,the lessee should do something in return. In most cases this is a monthly payment to the lessor for the use of the item, but other quid pro quos are also possible. For example, a lessee may also agree with the lessor that he will carry out maintenance on the property prior to its use.

Concluding a rental agreement seems a piece of cake but appearances can be deceiving. The Dutch tenancy law system includes multiple rules which should be obeyed by the lessor and the lessee. Which rules apply depends on the item that is being rented. The rules for renting a house, for example, are different then the rules for renting a business premises.

Our tenancy law attorneys can assist both you as a lessor and you as a lessee. Would you like to conclude a rental agreement and are you curious about what rules apply to your situation, or do you already have a rental agreement and do you have a dispute with your lessor or lessee? Our tenancy law specialists can provide you with solid legal advice and, with an eye for detail and decisiveness, we will assist you to find the best possible solution for your situation. Do not hesitate and register your case using the form on our website or contact us by telephone via 013 53 53 885 for free advise.

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