Family reunification asylum

The asylum seeker who has been granted an asylum permit can ask certain family members to come to the Netherlands too. These family members will receive an asylum permit like the first asylum seeker (also called "the referee") if certain conditions are met.

The advantage of this asylum status is that less strict conditions apply compared to the standard family reunification. For example, the resource requirement, fees and integration requirement do not apply. Family members with a derived asylum status also have a stronger right of residence than family members with a regular residence status. However, the derived asylum status is - just like the regular status for residence with a sponsor - a dependent residence status. This means, among other things, that if the family relationship with the sponsor is broken, this will have consequences for the permit. At the bottom of this page under "more family reunification asylum seekers" you can find information about, among other things, the family relationship.

Family reunification attorney

Have you been granted an asylum permit and would you like to apply for family reunification? Or did you apply but the INS rejected your application? Then register your case for free and without any obligations using the form on our website or contact us by telephone at 013 53 53 885. Berte Advocaten employs two very experienced asylum attorneys who can advise you and, if necessary, take legal actions. They will always aim for the best possible result!

Please note that for applying for family reunification itself, there is no entitlement to funded legal aid. This means that we can only help with filing an application at an hourly rate. If your application has been rejected or if the INS wishes to withdraw your right of residence on the grounds of family reunification, you will probably qualify for funded legal aid. 

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