Advantages of a debt collection law attorney

Both a debt collection attorney, a collection agency and a bailiff can take action on your behalf to collect the claim. Unfortunately, certain doors remain closed for others but not for debt collection attorneys.

For example, unlike a debt collection agency, a debt collection attorney can take legal measures, like precautionary seizure. Precautionary seizure can be important to make sure that you can collect the claim later on. Our attorneys can examine whether precautionary seizure is necessary in your case. If the court ruled in your favour, the precautionary order will be converted into executory attachment. Our debt collection attorneys can provide you with solid legal advise on this matter.

In addition, collection agencies and bailiffs can not sue the debtor on your behalf if the total amount of the claim s more than €25,000. A debt collection attorney, on the other hand, can also sue on your behalf a debtor if the claim exceeds €25,000.

Moreover, a debt collection attorney is the only one who can file for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy can be a very good means of pressure, as debtors usually want to prevent themselves from going bankrupt. If the debtor fears that your attorney will file for bankruptcy on your behalf, the debtor will be more willing to negotiate and pay the invoice within a reasonable periode of time.


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