Asylum residence permit

Asylum seekers and refugees may be eligible for an asylum residence permit in the Netherlands.

According to the Refugee Convention, a refugee is a person who has a well-founded fear of being persecuted in his home country on the grounds of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership of a particular ethnic or social group, and who has no protection in his own country.

In addition to refugees, asylum seekers are also eligible for an asylum residence permit if they run a real risk of serious harm if they return to their country of origin. Family members of asylum seekers may, under certain circumstances, be granted a derived asylum status.

See for more information the page grounds for asylum.

Duration of asylum residence permit

If an asylum permit is granted, it is for a period of five years. During the first five years, the asylum permit can be withdrawn if the situation in the country of origin improves. After five years, the status holder is eligible for an asylum permit for an indefinite period of time. This permit can only be withdrawn if extraordinary circumstances occur. For example if the status holder has committed criminal offences the residence permit can be withdrawn.