Tom Sterrenburg

I started the bachelor's program in Dutch Law at Tilburg University in 2019. During this study you will be trained to become a modern jurist at the heart of society and therefore expand your vision by placing law in a social context and connecting this with other current developments. At the moment I am in my graduation year. I will be completing my study and receive my bachelor's degree in 2023. During my bachelor, I discovered that my passion lies with criminal justice for several years. I therefore chose to pursue a minor with an emphasis on criminal practice.

Following my bachelor's degree I will be starting the master study in Dutch Law, with an emphasis on criminal, constitutional and administrative law, also called an extended master which means the student is given more than one study profile to focus on in their master study. The reason I went with criminal, constitutional and administrative law profiles  is because they correspond perfectly with my interests.

For this reason  I could not ask for a better workplace than  Berte Advocaten, which specializes in criminal and immigration law, among others. I started my position with Berte Advocaten in spring of 2022. It is very interesting to see how things actually work in practice. At the University you learn a lot from books, but this unfortunately means you are lacking the practical experience I now am getting at Berte Advocaten.

I really enjoy my time here and I am looking forward to learn everything there is to learn within this firm. Furthermore, I can hardly wait to finish my legal studies and introduce myself as mr. Tom P.C. Sterrenburg, attorney at Berte Advocaten in Tilburg.

Tom P.C. Sterrenburg
Tel: 06-30251657